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 Find a job that you like and you will never have to work another day in your life. – Confucius

I love words. There are endless ways to put them together. I could sit and rewrite a sentence for hours. Luckily, I have deadlines.

Currently, I am a copywriter for a publishing company. I also am a freelance writer, a former newspaper editor and corporate communications editor. Need a freelance writer or an editor? E-mail me at kerrie@highlandrain.com. Click this link to view my profile and resume, and see a brief overview of my experience below.


Copywriting & Content Writing

TOPICS Entertainment

Retail packaging for DVDs and software products

Video Scripts:

Instant Immersion 15-second TV spot

Instant Immersion Overview

Sales sheets and marketing materials

Promotional copy for Amazon.com pages and A+ pages

Product displays and end-caps

Web site copy:

Main TOPICS Web site

Instant Immersion language-learning Web site

James Earl Jones Reads the Bible Web page


2Toms LLC

Knowledge base content

Stink-Free Detergent product page



Marketing materials for recruiting

Compensation & Benefits Intranet Web site

Compensation & Benefits materials for Open Enrollment




PowerA Blog:

Game Spotlight: Real Boxing

Seattle Times NW Jobs:

“Cubicle Creativity”

Seattle Times Shop South and Shop SE:

(newsprint clips available)

Inside Bastyr:

“Dr. John Bastyr”


2Toms Blog

Sparrow Magazine:

“Start Your Own Adventure”

King County Journal Newspaper

(newsprint clips available)

Mom vs. Marathon

Personal health and fitness blog and Facebook page


Content Management


PACCAR World employee magazine:

Writing; editing; production, design and vendor management; photography; distribution; ghostwriting for the CEO

Spotlight on Benefits newsletter:

Writing; editing; production, design and vendor management; distribution

United Way Campaign:

Co-coordinator 2006 and 2007

Coordination of the Day of Caring Event 2007

Marketing materials, e-mails and executive speeches



King County Journal Newspapers

Features Editor

Managed and coordinated staff writers, freelancers, copy editors, columnists and photographers

Executed and oversaw the design and layout of features pages

Edited and proofread all daily features sections


TOPICS Entertainment

Proofread, edit and approve packaging layout and design